We are always looking to make our products even better, and we need insights from families like you to do so. If you live in the Cincinnati Tri-State area (Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana) we'd love to have your family register at the P&G Discovery Center as panelists and join our consumer panel program. You'll be compensated for each panel you complete. Our facility is centrally located in Cincinnati.

We have several types of panels such as product testing in our facility or in your home, and discussions about the products you use.

By registering to participate in our P&G panels, you help to inspire our researchers to develop future products like Pampers® Swaddlers that improve the lives of consumers all over the world.

Help us DISCOVER what’s next!

We are looking for newborns up to 5–year old children to participate in a variety of panels.
Click here to register your child

You can email us at discoverycenter@pg.com